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Palladio and What it Does



Palladio is an interesting mapping application that is used for examining spatial history. Above, you can see two images that show a little bit of Palladio’s capabilities. The top image shows locations marked where specific photographs were taken. As you can see in that image, a large amount of the photographs wee taken in California, near Michigan, and throughout the rest of the United States. The image below that top image shows a more detailed look at the area in California, near San Francisco, where Photographs were taken. This allows students and researchers to more accurately find where the photographs were taken. I think that it might also be helpful to mention that the maps shown above shows the streets, and mark locations like cities, and shows borders between states. Below, I included another image that shows a satellite view of the area and as well as marked streets and cities, just to show the different tools Palladio offers.


I mentioned in the beginning of this post that Palladio can be used for examining spatial history, which is pretty much the relationship between a physical space and time. Well, if you notice in all of those previous images there is a button in the bottom left corner that says “Timeline”. With that you can open up a timeline and look at how the dates of the photographs relate to any other set of data. I’m interested in the relationships between the dates and the cities the photos were taken, so I can tell Palladio what I want and I get a visual timeline like the one below.


As you can see in the image, I went over Wheaton, Illinois and it shows me when the photos were taken there over the course of over 10 years.

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